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Heavy Duty Draft Beer Keg Tap Party Stainless Steel Chrome Pump 8 Inch
Sale Price: $51.25
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Heavy Duty Keg Beer Party Tap Chrome Body Pump - 8". This beer tap is durable, strong and built to last. Great for parties and other events requiring a keg tap. Will work on most USA domestic beer kegs like Budweiser, Miller, Coors, Molson, Busch, Sam Adams, etc...


  • American Sankey (D System)
  • 8" Chrome plated metal pump
  • Plastic faucet with squeeze trigger
  • Stainless steel coupler body & Nickel plated brass base
  • Lever coupler, Lever Handle

Sale Price: $79.99
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WELCOME SPORTS FANS!!! This is a NCAA Model Beer Tap Handle *****CUSTOM FOOTBALL BEER TAP HANDLE***** This Tap Looks Great in any Sports Bar or at any Home Party!!!!! DIMENSIONS: This is an 'Oversized' Beer Tap Handle that will be sure to grab the attention of guests and party goers on your Kegerator or Bar Tap in your home or at your tailgate!!!!! Approximately 12" Tall / 5" Wide COMPOSITION: Expertly Crafted Product with ALL of Your Favorite NFL Team Logos!!!! CONDITION: NEW!!!!! NO DAMAGE OF ANY KIND!!!! You Are Viewing a Unique Sports Inspired Collectible Beer Tap Handle!!!!! ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS HAVE:****NO DAMAGE****NO CHIPS****NO SCRATCHES****NO SCUFFS****NO CUTS****NO SCRAPES THIS IS A RARE ITEM THAT IS HARD TO FIND!!!! DO YOU HAVE A BAR OR A RECREATIONAL ROOM??? DECORATE IT IN STYLE WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL TAP * This is a tap handle with American industry standard female threads on the bottom...

Opting to accumulate hand painted beer steins not only gives you a fascinating pastime that you can easily delight in for years to come, but, also provides you some remarkable artwork to display on racks in your house. There are essentially thousands of collectible beer steins to select from, so getting began might appear a little bit frustrating to those just starting a collection. {Nevertheless, there are numerous different ways to go about collecting beer mugs and these tips will certainly assist you get begun on your collection.

There are many different means to go about accumulating beer mugs and these ideas will certainly assist you get begun on your collection.

One fantastic way to begin deciding on collectible beer steins is to begin collecting beer mugs that illustrate different countries. These kinds of steins are typically called a heritage collection and portray different nations such as Germany, Norway, the United States and numerous other nations. This is a fantastic start to your collection and there are many different collectible beer steins that illustrate numerous different countries. It can be incredibly enjoyable trying to find steins illustrating a country you don't yet have and this kind of collection will make a terrific chat starter among your pals and associates. For those of you who want to have a collection of beer mugs with a completely German theme a terrific spot to start your collection is by opting to focus your collectible beer steins around German Cities. This will certainly create a fascinating collection and later on you can extend your collection to consist of scenes of the German nation side, activities and even German events and clubs. This kind of collection of beer mugs will allow you to give a fascinating depiction of both modern-day and traditional Germany in a really distinct way.

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You might see and even appreciate the bar's keg tap takes care of; it might include a basic one or in a customized style. Even if exactly what style the trick tap manage is, you are anticipating for it to produce a good cold beer that comes out of the keg and into your glass. Would certainly it be excellent to have one of these at your home or at the bar? Keg tap deals with are effortless to come by, and you can easily have a simple standard one or a tap handle that looks like a ball, cat, eagle or dragon. It comes in a selection of designs that you such as. You would certainly not need to go to a local bar; you could just get a good cold beer in your home. Then you can drink as much as you wish or you can just need to take a sip.

You could drink as much as you wish or you can simply have to take a sip.

Of course, you need to have the total set in order for everything to work. You have to have the keg, the beer tap and the beer tap deal with. Then choose your beer, pick exactly what brand of beer you wish to equip in your home. Also, you ought to know that there are different kinds of beer taps because each kind of beer calls for a different tap. As soon as you get this info, you can just select one up in your neighborhood liquor store or order from various sites. Make sure to choose a design that fits your character. If you have no idea exactly what type of beer you wish, then that is not an issue. Because as long as you pick the right keg for the right beer, you would certainly have the ability to take pleasure in the beer and you could most likely shoot a nice party in your house.

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Question Is 10 beers a good amount?
So I was a bit of a nerd/prude back in highschool and never really partied. I just went to my first college party and had 10 on my first time really getting drunk; is that a good limit for the first time, too much, or too little? Thanks in advance.

Best Answer depends what you drink. on one hand Budweiser is like drinking tap-water, where the old school Stella is like drinking furniture polish! everyone has different tolerances, personal im 6 foot tall and 16 stone big built, i can handle around the same, ten to fifteen beers and im completely on my arse. where as i can smoke "stuff" all day long sober as ever where as some people cant handle a toke! its all down to the person at hand. and in my eyes, ten isn't bad!
Question what beer to order?
I'm not very familiar with beer names. but if I want sth. light, come in a cup but not bottle not very expensive popular type of beer...? thanks and what are popular wines in bars? thanks

Best Answer first, you'll Not want to ask for a beer "in a cup", rather you'd ask for a pint of something "on tap", the tap handles at the bar will indicate what is being served from that particular tap, normally this is slightly cheaper and more fresh than buying a bottle (also the keg can not be "light struck" so odds are that, say, a heineken on tap will taste better than heineken in a bottle), that said, should you order a bottle it's perfectly fine to ask for a glass to pour it in as well. What is "on tap" will vary by where you are and what bar you are in, beers that are nearly guaranteed to be on tap across the country are bud and bud light(or the miller/coors equivalent), all are very popular. It's also pretty common (at least on the east coast) to find one form or another of sam adams, which in choosing you can not go wrong with, though there is no guaranteeing you'll like the style being offered (ie sam adams offers over 20 different beers, the boston lager is most likely to be on tap, or a seasonal beer like the winter lager right now). Blue moon is the most common wheat beer you'll find on tap, it's made by coors and decent, as a guy I personally never fruit the beer and recommend you do not either (ie pass on the orange). Keep in mind most "college" or sports bars are not going to have a wide selection on tap (usually only 4-5 beers). The last beer that jumps out at me as being common to find on tap anywhere is guiness, but that doesnt sound like what you're looking for, unless by light you meant low alcohol (surprisingly, at least to most people, guinness is only around 4%). To wrap it all up... nothing on tap at your average bar is going to be wild tasting or very different from what you think a beer should taste like (sans the guinness perhaps) so do not be afraid to buy and try them all until you find what you like the best.

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